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Lymphatic Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy with the Lymphstar Pro Fusion addresses the understanding of the circulation of lymph from a holistic point of view.

The health of your body depends on the health of your cells, which in turn depends on the quality of lymph circulation

Experience increased health and vitality as you detoxify and decongest with Lymphatic Therapy!

Improve the flow of your lymph and energy…

Improve your health!

The Lymphstar Pro Fusion is a therapeutic, vibrational massage instrument designed to improve the flow of lymph.

It combines different modalities to optimize the flow of lymph and energy in the body:

  •  Physical vibration
  • Electro-static field
  • Electropressure generated by stimulating various points

The lymphatic system is a complicated network of vessels, ducts and nodes that move fluid between cells and tissues. The lymphatic system produces and distributes immune cells to literally every tissue and organ in the body. It is essentially an additional circulatory system that complements and feeds the blood.


Unlike the blood, the lymph does not have a pump to circulate it throughout the body. If congestion of lymph occurs in certain areas, blockages can form and toxic cellular wastes can build up. Consequences of this congestion can include Poor immunity, Weight gain Premature aging, and Skin problems among others

Lymphatic congestion can be caused by inactivity, improper diet, infections, injury & surgery, emotional stress, environmental toxins, hormonal imbalance and the normal aging process.

Decongest and Detoxify with Lymphatic Therapy!

It can help with:

Pain Conditions

Injury Rehabilitation

Poor Immunity

Hormonal Imbalances

Post-Operative Scarring

Breast Health

Aging Skin


Reproductive Problems

Digestive Issues



The Lymphstar Pro® - How It's

The Lymphstar Pro® is applied by placing the transmission therapy heads on the skin of the client. The placement sequences, timing, and applications are covered in the product manual and videos. Use of the instrument on the body is followed by lymphatic massage. Or it may be used apart from the massage as a stand-alone therapy for non-bodyworkers. Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy may be helpful for various health challenges as part of a holistic approach to health restoration or maintenance. It is compatible and synergistic with all forms of naturopathic medicine (herbs, nutrition, supplements, colon hydrotherapy), bodywork and structural therapies, bio-energy medicine techniques (homeopathy, polarity, vibrational remedies, electro-dermal, etc.), and under the advice of a physician, medical care. Persons with serious health conditions are encouraged to seek the advice of their personal healthcare practitioner before having lymphatic therapy. There are contra-indications for it.

What The Client Feels

When you apply the Lymphstar Pro®, the client experiences a relaxing state of being. The relaxation lasts for a short time following therapy, followed by an energized feeling. The process of moving toxins out can create some symptoms in the hours following therapy as the lymph flow is increased. These soon subside, with positive effects soon realized over a number of sessions. Sessions are usually 2-4 times a week, from 15 minutes to one hour long. Our seminar providers teach therapy protocols for the many possible uses.

Our research therapists report an enthusiastic clientele, with word-of-mouth bringing them more satisfied customers regularly. This therapy is truly a practice-builder, providing you with the satisfaction of helping your clients in many ways to look and feel better! Therapists benefit too. The ease of performing this therapy is soon apparent, as compared to deep massage and Manual Lymph Drainage alone.

Benefits of Lymphatic Decongestive

  • Used adjunctively to manual lymph drainage techniques, it improves lymphatic fluid flow and accelerates detoxification of tissues.
  • May improve edema, fibrotic conditions, swollen lymph nodes, and healing of injuries and burns. Some conditions reported to have benefited from lymphatic therapy include breast lumps, inflammation due to muscular trauma, lymphedema, chronic pain, allergy & sinus symptoms, headaches, hormone imbalance and female conditions, digestive and bowel problems, post dental procedures, fibromyalgia, toxicity, and fatigue syndromes.
  • Sports Medicine for injury rehabilitation & injuries in general. When using phototherapy devices such as a low-level laser and/or LED light technology, results are optimized when followed by lymphatic therapy. Use before and after athletics to increase performance and decrease muscle and tendon strain.
  • Stress Relief: Provides a feeling of relaxation, emotional balance, well-being and increased energy.
  • Esthetics: Cosmetic enhancement by the reduction of fluid deposits in the face, healthier skin, supporting all cellulite reduction therapies, & post-procedures such as micro-dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, plastic surgery, etc. Lymphatic therapy can minimize scars and the formation of new scar tissue.
  • Obesity has been helped with improved lymphatic flow. When congestion is relieved, diet and exercise programs are far more effective.
  • Veterinary applications in the same conditions as humans. In equines, used for the reduction of post performance stress/strain and healing of injury.
  • Lymphatic therapy may be useful for health conscious individuals and athletes for its benefits to the immune system in prevention, anti-aging regimens, greater vitality, performance, by assisting in detoxification regimens.