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Robin McKay Testimonials

Work on your animals too!


Follow the link above and read the comments to discover how Jin Shin Jyutsu can change your pets life. 

Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient healing art that balances and harmonizes the intimate links between the physical, mental and emotional bodies of all living beings. This allows the body to heal better. If it can do this much for one of our furry friends, imagine what it can do for you!

"I have been working with Robin and doing Jin Shin Jyutsu for a few years and while I can certainly see the difference it makes in me the difference it has had on one of my children in amazing.  My son is a serious and intense kid that has a hard time adapting to change and can often get wound up and stressed out even at 9.

I started doing finger holds with him and have taught him how to do a central line and he now does it on his own when he is having a hard time.  He has leaned finger holds that he can do quietly under his desk without anyone noticing at school to calm the upset stomach from school nerves.  We have even let the school know that if he is having a hard time to give him a few minutes and remind him to ‘hold his finger’ and that is enough of a reminder for him focus on his Jin Shin Jyutsu for a few minutes to calm down.

He is also using it when he is having a hard time falling asleep or calm down at the end of the day.  When he forgets how the order or where to start he will often crawl into my room with one hand on his head and ask me to point out the stops so he remembers, he then goes back to his bed and falls asleep doing it.

As the mom, it is so much easier to remind him to do something for himself at the end of the day rather than getting into the fight about ‘go back to bed’ and the subsequent ‘I can’t sleep.’  He takes ownership of the process and has the control to help himself.

We have also used the process after a bad day at school, when he is angry but does not want to talk about it.  We both lie across my bed and do it side by side.  He gets the benefit of calming down which helps him talk or let it go depending on the circumstances and for me it allows me to be open to what is going on in a more calm less distracted way.  The 5-10 minutes puts us back on track for the evening instead of having battle after battle, taking it out on his brother or just being angry and fighting about everything all evening.

I would recommend any parent trying it with their kids."


"At the time of my first appointment, in the intensive series I was functioning from a place of pure fear-nearly immobilized with uncertainty in many areas of my life. I wanted to restore clarity and feel confident in decisions to be made. At the end of the second treatment I could feel “stuff” moving throughout my body. Throughout the intensive series, I experienced a range of sensations physically, an emotional release and a renewed spiritual awareness. As a result of significant substance abuse history, my physical body had housed the residual of my habits. I believe the treatments enabled the release of the junk left in my veins, and hurts in my spirit. My curly toes straightened, I could feel a pulling in my legs throughout the series, and I have had to purchase new shoes, and re-align my work station to the match the new posture. I had people have commented that I look different. I know I feel different-better for sure. I suspect that the kidney /gall stones are smaller, if not gone, and I am comfortable with just being –it is what it is. The intensive JSJ series purged my mind, body, and spirit of the toxins that were taking up space that is now open to“the love” I am surrounded with. I continue with the JSJ self-help techniques and I believe that I am continuing to heal, changes are ongoing and continue amaze me- and for this I am grateful." G